4 Great Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Replacing the old, obsolete windows is surely a motivating welcome for an attractive, calming, and relaxing ambience of a room, and/or office.

The window is a way to witness the mesmerising views of a sunset or the first ray of the daylight. It is an infusing sigh of hope and relief to the mind and body.

Today, we are discussing some of the benefits which will help make up your mind for your commitment to changing your windows:


#1 A picturesque ambience


Yes, the most obvious reason. A new, clean and a perfect positioned glass window in a room, or other areas of the house, offers a scenic and artistic ambience. A picturesque environment deserves to be relished and indulged through well placed clean and sharp windows. This is why you should consider replacing the old ones you have. Particularly if the ones you have right now are rusty and unclear.


#2 Prevent energy costs


Improper or old installed windows are the main cause of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Statistically, obsolete, and old windows can increase 77% of energy costs per year. The properly installed weather-resistant glass windows can bear the effect of heat and cold.


#3 Safety risks


Just imagine a vexing situation of smoke or fire in the room or office and windows are not able to open up due to be old, jammed, rusty, or broken and you didn’t replace them at the proper time. This could be extremely hazardous. Failing to change  windows that are in a compromising condition can be considered a safety risk for you and your loved ones.


#4 Foggy windows


Damaged and expired sealing of windows causes moisture to retain in between the glass panels. It makes them foggy and unpleasant and allows mould growth to occur. There are plenty of health risks that can arise from mould. Bonus: Ensure a healthier home Natural light and fresh air are essential for health. If your house is filled with jammed, old, and broken windows, you and your loved ones are missing this blessing of natural ventilation.


Bonus #2: Help manage noise


If you are a victim of annoying noises while resting due to a window that won’t shut properly, then this bonus point is for you. Installing insulated new glass windows can make your place calming and noise-proof. 


Now that you have explored the exhaustive list of reasons to change your windows, let SV Glass assist you in bringing a peaceful atmosphere to your home and/or offices. Contact us to make your indoors a nice, pleasant, and safe place.