Benefits of Adding a Fly Screen to Your Window

Fly screens induce a cleaner atmosphere in your home and have become a requirement for houses across Western Australia.


With their literal purpose of protecting homes from flies and mosquitoes, they also have numerous other benefits. In Perth, it is considered a fundamental piece of household equipment.

Fly screens are highly advantageous. They serve the purpose of cleaner air without spoiling your view and ventilation. They are cheap, manageable, and easy to use. To benefit from this, we have curated a list to help you understand why your home needs them!


Protection from pests


The fundamental purpose of fly screens without a doubt is to safeguard your house from pesky insects. The retractable fly screen is the best solution to cover openings like doors and windows. Adding fly screens make your house insect repellent, preventing itchiness, allergies, and other diseases. It is better to take caution and stay safe from these bugs.


Child safe


Fly screens protect children as well as pets. Fly screens set a boundary, limiting the area of exposure for children because when it comes to children, safety is always first. With fly screens, you can open your windows wide without fearing diseases again.


Aesthetic and hygenic 


Fly screens provide a fresh atmosphere nurturing a healthy feeling. Fly screens prevent the entrance of insects, dust, and debris which might land on your food. Fly screens allow the circulation of air, which keeps the environment airy. Fly screens induce the entrance of natural light, making the house alive. This allows an aesthetic image for the house.


There is a monetary value add too


Fly screens are affordable and help in ventilation. During summer months,, one can enjoy the calm breeze with gentle  air in their house with their fly screens. This benefit reduces the usage of air conditioning units, cutting off large numbers from your bill. It comes as no surprise that so many Perth windows and doors are covered with fly screens. 


Cheap surveillance


Fly screens encourage privacy while having windows open wide. They also provide security. With the mesh securely in place, you can keep an eye out on the street or over your children while they are in the pool, and still keep the bugs out. It is a win-win. 

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