Double-Glazed vs Single-Glazed Windows: Which One Is Better For My House?

Gone are the days when excessive noise and extremes of temperature had to be tolerated. Did you know that windows are much more than a ventilation aspect – and can make your home much more comfortable when the type of glass used in them is chosen carefully. 

If you’re looking to change or upgrade your Perth windows and doors, you must have come across chatter about single-glazed and double-glazed window glass. But do you understand what they are and how they can benefit your home? 

The difference between single-glazed and double-glazed windows

The glass used in the windows pretty much decides what to let in and not – hence, impacting your health and living conditions.

Single-glazed window glass is made with the classic single-panel glass and does little to restrict harmful sun rays, heat, cold, and noise.

However, double-glazed window glass is insulated between the layers, making your house thermal insulation inclusive. This type of glass is heat and cold-resistant, and blocks outside noise thanks to the additional layers.

What to choose for your house?

Your choice depends on several factors, including the location of your home, it’s aspect and your budget.

Single-glazed glass is mostly used in country houses or in places where the concept of insulation is not given much importance. Single-glazed windows have some benefits, despite being simpler in design and composition. Because they are made of traditional glass, they are an affordable choice. 

However, for those wanting to upgrade their living conditions and control what gets inside your windows Perth, double-glazing is the answer. They allow you to heat and cool your house efficiently while blocking extra noises. Double-glazed windows are difficult to break, hence, providing extra security.

Advantages and disadvantages

Single-glazed windows: 


  • Manufactured in various thicknesses, allowing you to choose your desired one.
  • Easily heats the rooms and makes them bright with light passing through them
  • Affordable for all people.
  • Easy to use for decorative purposes


  • Poorly insulated and the cause of high bills
  • Don’t provide security as they’re easily breakable
  • Poor noise protection

Double-glazed windows:


  • Are heat resistant
  • Provide noise protection
  • Reduced condensation in winter
  • Increased security
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reduced bill cost


  • It can be expensive, and you will need to budget for it. 

If you’re tired of taking extra measures to control your house temperature, then double-glazed windows Perth are your answer. They might cost you a bit much but can provide you with a thermal break while improving energy efficiency.

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