How to Choose the Right Kitchen Windows?

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

This age old adage couldn’t be more true. After all, it is where family members congregate, share memories, relish delicious food and oftentimes, come together to celebrate.  

A beautiful kitchen is one that is  bright, and well-lit. This brings us to the topic of windows. After all, windows play a vital role in making your special space illuminated and lively. 

That is why, choosing the right window for your kitchen is imperative. Don’t worry, our team here at SV Glass are experts in all things windows, particularly windows for your kitchen in Perth. In this article, we are assisting you in choosing the best window for the heart of your home.


Types of windows to consider for your kitchen: 


  • Awning windows: Invite natural light into a kitchen space, and allow for all year ventilation. 
  • Casement windows: This option allows you to swing the hinge outwards to open. Great for kitchens with garden views.
  • Fixed windows: Do you have an uninterrupted backyard? Then let light to flood in with a fixed window
  • Lourve windows: Comprising of  a series of horizontal blades, this choice is good for those wanting an easy-to-open window for regular natural ventilation. 
  • Sliding windows: The incredibly elegant option our clients adore. If you have a window just above your sink, this could be a great option to onsider.
  • Bi-fold windows: Create the ultimate open-living dining experience. This chic option is perfect for showcasing rolling views. 


What matters most in kitchen windows? 


  • Style: A focal point in your design, windows offer a sleek, classic or even contemporary touch to your kitchen. 
  • Lighting: This one is an obvious reason, but windows bring in natural light through your home, and in turn can increase your property’s value. 
  • Ventilation: Kitchens need to be ventilated. Although a good kitchen should have an exhaust system in place, natural ventilation is always a good element to have. 
  • Security: If you have a pool in your kitchen’s vicinity, you can keep an eye on the kids while preparing dinner. Windows offer a sense of security and peace of mind. 


What size should I opt for?


At a minimum, however, the ideal standard measurements are 609.6 x 914.4mm. 


Where should a kitchen window be placed? 


It is a good idea to situate your window a lot higher  than in the other rooms, to allow room for storage and bench space. Windows are typically found above the sink. However, recent design trends have seen homeowners substituting storage cabinets for expansive views with additional windows.


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