Window Cleaning Tips


“I’m happy cleaning windows.” So said Van Morrison and if Van the Man is happy enough cleaning windows – you should be too. That said, it doesn’t really matter if you like cleaning windows and take on the task of getting them ship-shape and Bristol fashion or whether you hire the professionals to do it. The important thing is that they get done. And don’t just clean the windows – make sure you clean the screens and those hard-to-reach areas! It makes all the difference! 

As the Perth windows and doors specialists, at SV Glass we know just how essential it is to maintain your windows. It not only makes the place look nice, it maintains the value of your home and your investment. So below are some thoughts on how best to look after your windows. We’ll explore when is the best time to clean, how often and with what tools and products. We will also give you a guide to cleaning both inside and out as they require a different approach. SV Glass hopes you find the following information useful: 


In our opinion, if you have the cash – and we appreciate there are cost-of-living pressures on Australian families at the moment – we would recommend employing professional cleaners to look after your windows. And it should be pointed out that cleaning the windows yourself can sometimes be a false economy.  

Professional window cleaning will save you money in the long run by reducing wear and tear. Their skills and experience in cleaning, double glazed windows Perth for example, is extremely valuable and employing their services will certainly save you time. And time, as we know, is money. 

As window experts, they are also more likely to spot any problems with your windows and draw your attention to anything that may require further investigation.  

The pros will also have pro-level equipment necessary, allowing them to reach even the trickiest spots on your home. 

Another good reason is that professionals have insurance. So if anything were to go wrong – and God forbid that it would – you are covered without having to use your own home insurance. You have home insurance, right?! Well, you don’t want your premiums going up now do you? 


It’s one of life’s peculiarities that window cleaners rarely clean both the interior and exterior. Usually the interior falls to a domestic cleaner to make sure windows are as spick and span and gleaming as the exterior. It’s annoying, and you might even call it a ‘pane’ in the backside. But there it is. Lol. 


Here we are looking at how often you should clean your double glazed windows in Perth, but also what time of year as well as what time of the day is best to get cracking. 

Of course, how often your windows need a clean will depend on the frequency with which they are smashed by pollen, sand, dust or air pollution. You may need to up your game and get cleaning to prevent glass deterioration. 


In Perth, the consensus is that the best time of year to clean your windows is in the spring when conditions favour. Would you believe that in some parts of the world they use antifreeze with the window cleaning solution and use cold water instead of warm water to prevent their windows from shattering when they clean them. 


Now you may think that the best time to clean your windows is when it’s really nice and sunny and you can work on your tan. Well, whilst this might be good for you (please remember to apply sunscreen) it’s not actually the best idea for your glass. Clean your windows in the blazing sun and the cleaner you use will dry onto the hot windows before you even get the chance to wipe it off and could result in you ending up with hard-to-remove streaks. No good.  

For the same reason, it’s a good idea to avoid cleaning your windows when they are in direct sunlight and you should instead opt for a moment when the windows fall into a bit of shade. 

Not always easy for Perth windows, but cleaning windows on a cloudy day is optimal for a clean finish and it gives the lather a little more time to dry.  


  • Warm water 
  • Soft cloth 
  • Sponge 
  • Non-abrasive #0000 steel wool 
  • Ph-neutral detergent – such as a dishwashing liquid 
  • Soft bristle brush like a toothbrush 
  • A glass clean microfibre cloth 
  • A vinegar /water solution  


      Ok, so now we come to the nitty gritty. You’ve decided that you’re going to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Give it a go. We salute you. So here are some tips and tricks for doing a solid job. 

      There is a five-step process to cleaning your windows. 

      1. Pre-brush Your Windows – It’s an important first step to pre-brush you windows and sills, as this will remove quite a lot of the dust, dirt and grime from the window before introducing the soap and water. If you don’t take the all-important pre-brush step you will more than likely smear horrible muck all over your windows and make a mess. Do yourself a favour and pre-brush. Always pre-brush! 
      2. Pre-wash Your Windows – Fill up a bucket of water with dishwashing suds and wash the windows and frames. Take out a towel and clean off any heavy debris. Wipe the sills. You shouldn’t have much because of your pre-brushing.  
      3. Spot Removal – Now is the time to focus on those hard to remove grimy spots. Polish the glass and use #0000 grade steel wool to remove those hard-to-budge spots. This steel wool is ultra-fine, lightly abrasive and excellent on delicate surfaces. 
      4. Clean The Window – With most of the hard work done at this stage, you can now get the wand out and wipe the windows with wet water and dish soap. Pre-rag the edges and extract the water with your blade. You should now be able to see some real progress here! 
      5. Detail The Window – The final step is to detail the window using a rag. At this point you are just using the rag to remove anything left behind, which shouldn’t be too much. Duck down to have a look at the whole window with the sky as a background and you’ll instantly be able to find any spots that you’ve missed. If you have, it’s easy to isolate and trouble shoot.  

      Whilst these steps are fairly universal, please don’t hesitate to consult with the friendly staff at SV Glass about any specific cleaning requirements for your windows.  


      From the glass to the sills and screens, casing or tracks, you will want to make sure all the elements of your interior windows are nice and clean.  

      The trick is to use a nice solution of equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. You will also need a glass microfibre cleaning cloth. The reason we ensure that it is a specific glass microfibre is that it is a flat weave and its texture won’t hold on to any debris that may scratch your window. 

      Some people advocate using coffee filters, newspapers, and paper towels – but we really recommend using a good microfibre cloth instead. They are usually made out of recycled plastic and so better for the environment and much cheaper.  

      Fold the cloth so that you have eight sides to use and always clean in a z-pattern from top to bottom and left to right to avoid the solution running down the glass as you clean. 

      Cleaning screen doors is really important and it’s good to use a dish brush/mop to get into those hard to reach areas to clean. Please don’t use the same dish brush you use to clean your actual dishes. That’s not nice! 

      It’s also definitely worth cleaning your window screens from time to time.  

      Larger windows with big large panes are not the easiest to clean and again you may want to get the professionals in. If you’re doing it yourself, don’t forget to put down some towels to ensure that you don’t make a mess of your floors. 


      So whether it’s sliding windows or awning windows, if you have any more questions about cleaning the windows we offer in our extensive range at SV Glass, please just pick up the phone and give us a call or and we’ll be happy to discuss with you any aspects of our Perth windows and doors. 

      Whether like Van Morrison you’re happy cleaning windows or simply happy that the cleaning is getting done, we can all agree that it’s something you have to do. So get cracking!!